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"We're more than AV Service; We're Event Specialist"​
About Us
Professional AV Audio-Visual Production Services in Nova Scotia, Halifax, Annapolis Valley.
We offer the Best Support in Digital Sound, LED Stage Lighting Effects & LCD Video.

The Best Professional AV Production Services in Nova Scotia, Halifax & the Maritimes!
We have provided our AV Services for countless number of Events in Annapolis Valley, Halifax & in the Maritime Provinces...

AV Productions for Corporate Events, Meetings, Conferences, Banquets & Galas...
Also support for Bands, Entertainers, Talent Shows, Fashion Shows, Product Promotions

AV Productions - Special Events & Galas

  1. Gala Events - "A Night at the Marquee"
    Gala Events - "A Night at the Marquee"
    Formal Galas & Banquets using LED Lighting Effects & Props
  2. West Nova MP - Greg Kerr Retirement Roast
    West Nova MP - Greg Kerr Retirement Roast
    Digital Sound and LED Lighting Effects
  3. Master Hypnotist - Ian Stewart
    Master Hypnotist - Ian Stewart
    Support for Hypnotist with Digital Sound and Wireless Microphones
  4. Comedy Night - Mike MacDonald
    Comedy Night - Mike MacDonald
    Support for Comedy Nights
Visual Productions
Slide Shows or Power Points
Dance Express Sound & Light Productions can provide you, 
AV Productions with different
sized LCD TV's, Video Screens,
LCD or DLP Projectors to
enhance the video, Slide Shows
 or powerpoints presentations
that you would like to be
displayed during your Event.

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Uplighting for Wedding in Nova Scotia, Halifax
Bride & Groom 1st Waltz in Nova Scotia, Halifax
To Book our Professional AV Production Services,
We do require the Following:
  • Legal Contract signed by Us & Your Business
  • Copy of the Signed Contract will be given to You
  • Deposit to Confirm the Booking
  • Deposits can be made by one of the following methods:
  • e-Transfers, PayPal or Credit Card   (click on Logo)
  • Receipts wil be given upon any payment made


Payment Gateway - PayPal, Credit Card
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Corporate Meetings & Conferences

  1. Conferences - AV Productions
    Conferences - AV Productions
    We can supply for Professional AV Production Services with Multi Channel Boards, Wired or Wireless Microphones and LCD Video Services for PowerPoint Presentations
  2. Corporate Conferences
    Corporate Conferences
    AV Production Services for Corporate Conferences
  3. Large Scaled Meetings
    Large Scaled Meetings
    Professional AV Production Services that can provide support with Dual Video Screens, Powered Speakers, Wireless Hand-Held Microphones or Lapel Microphones.
  4. Video Services - AV Productions
    Video Services - AV Productions
    We can provide Video Screens, LCD Projectors, Laptops & Digital Sound with our Professional AV Productions

Sporting Events, Talent & Fashion Shows

  1. Meetings - AV Production Services
    Meetings - AV Production Services
    We can provide Professional Sound Systems, Wireless Microphones for Corporate Meetings and Banquets
  2. Kraft Hockeyville - Kingston, Nova Scotia
    Kraft Hockeyville - Kingston, Nova Scotia
    AV Production Services for Kraft Hockeyville - Kingston, Nova Scotia Providing Digital Sound System, Video & LED Effect Lighting
  3. Fashion Shows - AV Productions
    Fashion Shows - AV Productions
    We can provide AV Productions Services with our Digital Sound Systems, Wireless Microphones & LED Uplighting
  4. Fashion Shows - Run Way Music
    Fashion Shows - Run Way Music
    We can provide our Professional AV Services with our Powered Speakers, Bass Bins & the Latest in Top 40 Music, Exclusive Remixes & Run Way Music to fit your Style.
​Relay for Life
  1. Setup for 2nd Stage - Relay for Life
  2. Meal for the Survivors at Relay for Life
  3. Showing support and giving "HOPE" - Relay for Life
  4. Main Stage Acts for Relay for Life
  5. Relay for Life - Lighting Ceremony
  6. Relay for Life in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
  7. Guitar Solo - Relay for Life
  8. Main Stage - Relay for Life - Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Support for Acoustic Sets & Bands

  1. 16 Channel Sound Board
    16 Channel Sound Board for Talent Show
  2. The Trews - Pre-Show Music
    Pre-Show Music for The Trews
  3. The Trews and Lighting Effects
    Post-Show Music for the Trews
  4. Blue LED Uplighting
    Blue LED Uplighting for Talent Show
  5. The Trews Live
    The Trews Live
  6. Green LED Uplighting
    LED Green Uplighting for Talent Show
"We're more than AV Service; We're Event Specialist"​